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Queue+ is an advanced post management platform.

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What is Queue+

Queue+ is an advanced post scheduling and blog management platform made for Tumblr. It was initially made to be an enhancement to Tumblr queue system but has evolved into much more.

Advanced Control

Have complete control over your blog.
Schedule posts to go out while you're at school, work, or just sleeping.

No Limits

Queue+ lets you bypass Tumblr's limits. You can queue unlimited posts and post them whenever you want. 250 posts over 24 hours? We got you!

Multiple Account Support

Have multiple Tumblr accounts? You no longer need to switch accounts to manage your posts! Queue+ lets you manage it all from one place.

Secure Collaboration

Queue+ allows you share access to your blog with other users and let them manage your blog securely without ever sharing your password!

Rich Notifications

Know exactly what's going on at all times. Queue+ notifies you when someone queues, shuffles, or removes one of your posts!

More Followers

We have discovered that Queue+ users that have consistent queues gain about 130 more followers a day than those who don't use Queue+.

Archive Poster

Queue+ is fully integrated into the Archive Poster for Tumblr. Archive Poster is the primary way Queue+ users queue posts, it provides an easy interface to add posts from any blogs archive.

On the Go

Queue+ was made for those of us people who can't always be online to blog, so we couldn't make it a browser only experience. We have mobile apps for Android and iOS that let you do everything on the go.

Stay Updated

Quick access to all your notifications and your Queue+ dashboard.

Keep it rolling

Queue running out? Re-fill it by adding posts from your Tumblr Dashboard or a blogs archive from inside the app!